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From interview published in the Cape Cod Times:

Why are you running?


I am running to protect and serve the Village of Osterville and nearby neighborhoods in Marstons Mills, Cotuit, and Centerville.

My campaign is dedicated to restoring some civility to the public sphere.

Teamwork, collaboration and innovation will be the calling cards of my time on the Council. I will be transparent and aggressive in pursuing a direction that strengthens our Village's values and character, while steadfastly maintaining my belief that Osterville's uniqueness is best expressed within the context of the town of Barnstable as a whole.

When appropriate I will fight, and fight fiercely, for my neighbors and our Village. Sometimes to protect things we hold dear, we need to keep current with the times. And sometimes to serve requires an ability to follow - my neighbors have ideas and passions. I will tap into those to help release the pent-up possibilities of this Village and this town.

I am seeking to take on more responsibility in my Osterville community and be a leader in Barnstable. My parents instilled in me a sense of service, a sense for what is right and how to identify and pursue it.

My parents, also, stressed that to retain the amenities of this life and place demands a struggle in which I participate - and that there are serious responsibilities that come with our freedoms. I interpret that as an obligation to serve the public in good faith and with good humor. For those looking to serve as well, who might be at cross purposes with my stances, I will aggressively question their judgment but never their intentions to serve as well.

What is the most pressing issue in your district and how would you address it?

Our most pressing immediate problem is the nexus between our dire need for housing and the realization that our historical development patterns have put our natural ecosystems in a tough spot.

The health and beauty of our local waters underwrite the value in most of our homes and experiences here. Without realistic and timely leadership, we will continue to place our most valuable assets, our homes, our waters, in jeopardy. My insatiable interest in preserving what nature has given us has been a part of my entire approach to solving current problems and is woven through all aspects of my professional life.

These housing and environmental issues cross boundaries and necessitate a personality and willingness to seek workable solutions in a timely way. I will hear out all the arguments and the questions and concerns of all constituents when pursuing our collective work. I will not however cave to special interests, nor allow excessive delaying tactics to block progress that has achieved a clear consensus.


How do you differ from other candidates?

My experience seems very different than that of my opponent.

I have served in the White House and fought in the mountains of Afghanistan. I have seen different kinds of combat from being a US Army Ranger to being a first responder at the Boston Marathon to my work on gang intervention programs. And I know Osterville intimately. And its water. I have worked these waters for the last 4 years as a shell fisherman in the Three Bays.

From high level service in government to lying on my belly in Cotuit Bay, from combat in Afghanistan to helping kids in Watts avoid combat in their own neighborhoods, I bring a set of practical life skills and a commitment to public service that differentiates me from my competition for this seat.

What other information would you like voters to know?

I know that I can make a difference as your next Town Councilor from Precinct 5.

We will not build a moat around Osterville. We cannot separate ourselves from the body politic and qualified, hardworking professionals at Town Hall who strive to enhance every citizen's and visitor's experience in Osterville and Barnstable. We have to resist the siren call of the most angry voices.

There is clearly a productive path forward if we can stop acting like every issue requires a 'slash and burn' attitude to resolve. We can disagree without being disagreeable. I will be a consensus builder and key negotiator on the most pressing issues facing the Village and town. I want a seat at the table.

I want to represent your voice, your interests. Not that of any one special interest group or industry. My curiosity runs wide. I will use the authority of this seat to convene citizen voices and subject matter expertise to get the most fiscally responsible and socially agreeable outcomes to move our community on a sustainable path toward greater health and prosperity.


I will work with my head and vote with my heart. Please join me. Vote Paul Cusack for Town Council on September 6th.

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